Hermiston Online VS CDL

Hermiston School District understands that our schools are an important part of the infrastructure of our community and play a critical role in supporting the whole child, not just their academic achievement. We believe, without a doubt, that face-to-face, teacher-led learning is the best option for our students. That's why Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) that transitions to a Hybrid model is our preferred learning model. While our CDL and Hybrid models support face-to-face, teacher-led learning with students interacting with their school teacher, our ultimate goal is 100% of our students back in our building as soon as possible. However, we understand these are unprecedented times, and families need to be supported in making the best educational choices for their children. 
In the past, Hermiston Online provided opportunities for personalized, blended-learning experiences (ability to take courses the district wasn't able to offer) and credit recovery options. During these unprecedented times, we are expanding Hermiston Online to offer a fully online delivery option. If you feel this type of delivery option will meet your needs, Hermiston Online will provide an innovative, digital learning experience through our Fuel Education partner. FuelEd is highly honored and recognized in the online industry.
Hermiston Online vs. Distance Learning
  • Teachers provided by FuelEd

  • More work for the Learning Coach (Parent/guardian)
    While a specific teacher is provided for each online subject or course, the Learning Coach (Parent/guardian) will be required to spend sufficient time and energy in supporting the completion of online work

  • Must be self-motivated
    Online learning often requires much more discipline and self-motivation to stay on task. Students have to take time to study and apply what they are learning without being in the setting of a classroom.

  • Grade K-5
    Each student will be enrolled in four subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies). Each subject area requires the student to dedicate at least 5 hours per week throughout the course.

  • Grade 6-12
    Each student is enrolled in three classes at a time (generally 2 core & 1 Elective). Courses are designed to be completed in 9 weeks and require the student to spend 10 hours per course each week.

  • Minimum 1 semester commitment
    When choosing Hermiston Online, understand you are committing to this model for an entire school semester. 
  • Interact with your normal teacher
    Your student will see a familiar face and login to class just as if they were arriving at school and sitting at their desk.

  • Real-time video - teacher led instruction
    In the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model students will watch their teacher deliver the lessons as only their teacher can. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts just as though they were in the classroom.

  • Hybrid Model
    CDL is supplemented with actual class time. 

  • The goal is 100% back to class
    We understand the importance and benefit that your student receives through face to face instruction and social interaction with their teacher and their peers. We're working tirelessly to find solutions that adhere to the guidelines and result in safe, healthy learning.

What is my role?

As a parent, you (or another responsible adult) serve as your child's Learning Coach. You'll work with your child's teacher to help record student attendance, monitor mastery of online lessons and assessments, and in some grades, review student work.

Younger students need considerable Learning Coach support. In middle school and high school, students work more independently and the Learning Coach role transitions to one of oversight.

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