How It Works

Program Overview - K through 5th grade

Hermiston ONLINE! is a tuition-free public school that uses award winning K¹² and Middlebury©curriculum, which is accessed through an online educational portal as well as through more traditional methods. Materials are delivered right to the family’s doorstep—including books, CDs, and even bags of rocks and dirt.
We also partner parents and students with a state-certified teacher to guide and track their progress through the curriculum.  Student-to-student interaction is emphasized too, so Hermiston ONLINE! students are always well educated and engaged in their learning.

Who is this intended for?

Hermiston ONLINE! serves students in grades K-12 within the greater Hermiston community who are currently using an alternative educational delivery model (e.g. home schooled, private school, enrolled or considering enrollment in an alternative online program).

What are the costs?

Because we are part of the public school system, Hermiston ONLINE! is tuition free. The entire curriculum and access to a state-certified teacher is provided free of charge.

How do I get started?

Contact the Dean of Students or Assistant Principal from your student's school.
Please refer to the list below: 
School  Dean of Students
Desert View Elementary
Highland Hills Elementary
Rocky Heights Elementary
Sunset Elementary
West Park Elementary
Armand Larive Middle School
Sandstone Middle School  
Hermiston High School  
Hermiston High School  

K - 5 Demos:

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Program Overview - Middle School and High School


Exceptional Courses, Entire Support Team, Individualized Program

The comprehensive Hermiston ONLINE! program provides students with an online middle and high school experience like no other. With more than 140 online courses from which to choose, including three to four versions of core subjects, students can enjoy an individualized high school program tailored to their goals and abilities.
Hermiston ONLINE! high school students receive many benefits through their middle and high school program, including:
  • Outstanding, individualized curriculum from Fuelducation (formerly Aventa), the leading online K-12 curriculum provider
  • Multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Diverse middle and high school catalog with more than 140 state-aligned courses, including up to four levels of courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, and History
  • Individualized Learning Plan for each student charts a course for success during and after high school
  • Our support team, which includes teachers, advisors, and coordinators offer personalized, extensive support to students and families
  • Access to extracurricular, co-curricular, clubs, activities, and high school elective courses*
  • Opportunities where student can network with their peers

6 - 12 Demos:

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All Courses Available Via Port Portstudent2
All English Courses EnglishStudent2 Touchdown2021
All Math Courses MathStudent2 Touchdown2021
All Science Courses ScienceStudent2 Touchdown2021
All Social Studies Courses HistoryStudent2 Touchdown2021
All Middle School MSStudent2 Touchdown2021
All CR CRStudent2 Touchdown2021